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For Run Away Home
By Patricia C. McKissack


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Book cover of Run Away HomeSummary

Patricia C. McKissack, Run Away Home. Scholastic. 1997.

Run Away Home is set in Quincy, Alabama in 1888. Sarah Jane Crossman lives with her parents and her dog, Buster, on a small farm. Sarah Jane sometimes wonders how her parents ever got married, because they are so different. Her mother is part Seminole Indian and her father is a former slave. She is happy as an only child, as she helps her mother with the cooking and goes hunting and fishing with her father.

Sarah Jane sees an Indian boy escape from a train that is taking Geronimo and other Apaches from Florida to Alabama. She discovers that the Indian boy is hiding in their barn and that he is sick with swamp fever. Sarah Jane and her mother nurse the young Apache, Sky, back to health and he becomes a part of the family. Sarah Jane has to deal with her growing jealousy of Sky’s relationship with her parents and her dog Buster, but then she realizes that she cares for Sky also and she has to share her parents and her dog with him.

Sky helps to save the farm when he helps Papa build desks for the Tuskegee School under Mr. Booker T. Washington. Also, he protects his new family from the Knights of the Southern Order of Manhood (like the Ku Klux Klan).

Sarah Jane and Sky become a very special “brother and sister,” and Sky gives Sarah Jane a very special gift at the end of the story.

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